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Key Factors in Developing an Internal Risk Management Process by Jacqueline Pons-Bunney, Esq.
(November 2019)

If You Build It, They Will Sue: a White Paper on Condominium Projects by Trevor O. Resurreccion and Peter L. Stacy
(May 2015)

Disability, Accessibility & Liability: What an Architect Should Know by Anthony D. Platt
(May 2015)

Copyright Rights & Wrongs by Jacqueline Pons-Bunney
(September 2015)

Reality Check: How to deal with unrealistic contract expectations interview with Christine E. Drage
(Engineering, Inc. Magazine, September 2014)

So Is There Anything GOOD to be Taken from Beacon? by Jacqueline Pons-Bunney
(July 2014)

Finally a Certificate of Merit Statute With Teeth by Anthony D. Platt
(April 2012)

Understanding and Developing a Risk Management Policy for Condominium Projects by Christine E. Drage
(AIA California Counsel, 2006; a/e ProNet Practice Notes, Volume 16, Number 1, July 2006.);

Risk Management For The Design Professional by Christine E. Drage
(Builder Architect Magazine, Southern Nevada Edition, May/June 2007);

Understanding the Implications of 'Defending' Your Client by Jacqueline C. Pons-Bunney
(a/e ProNet Web Site, December, 2006);

The Best Foundation for a Great Design Is a Good Contract by Jacqueline C. Pons-Bunney
(Builder Architect Magazine, Southern Nevada Edition, July/August 2007);

Drafting a Quality Control Manual: A Design Professional's Guide by Jacqueline C. Pons-Bunney and Peter L. Stacy
(a/e ProNet Web Site, November, 2008)