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Document Retention Policy for Design Professioinals by Jean A. Weil, Esq.
(December 2016)

Is Contractually Waiving Trial By Jury A Good Thing? by Jean A. Weil, Esq.
(July 2016)

If You Build It, They Will Sue: a White Paper on Condominium Projects by Trevor O. Resurreccion and Peter L. Stacy
(May 2015)

Disability, Accessibility & Liability: What an Architect Should Know by Jean A. Weil and Anthony D. Platt
(May 2015)

Copyright Rights & Wrongs by Jacqueline Pons-Bunney
(September 2015)

Reality Check: How to deal with unrealistic contract expectations interview with Christine E. Drage
(Engineering, Inc. Magazine, September 2014)

So Is There Anything GOOD to be Taken from Beacon? by Jacqueline Pons-Bunney
(July 2014)

Are You Defenseless Against the Duty to Defend? by Jean A. Weil
(July 2013)

Nevada Supreme Court's Decision Bars Owner's Tort and Contract Claim Against Design Professionals Under the ADA and FHA by Jean A. Weil
(July 2013)

Top Ten Drop-Dead Contract Clauses Design Professionals Cannot Ignore by Jean A. Weil
(July 2013)

Finally a Certificate of Merit Statute With Teeth by Jean A. Weil and Anthony D. Platt
(April 2012)

California Places Client Defense Burden on Design Firms by Jean A. Weil
(2010, Schinnerer's Guidelines for Improving Practice);

Understanding and Developing a Risk Management Policy for Condominium Projects by Christine E. Drage
(AIA California Counsel, 2006; a/e ProNet Practice Notes, Volume 16, Number 1, July 2006.);

Risk Management For The Design Professional by Christine E. Drage
(Builder Architect Magazine, Southern Nevada Edition, May/June 2007);

Understanding the Implications of 'Defending' Your Client by Jacqueline C. Pons-Bunney
(a/e ProNet Web Site, December, 2006);

The Best Foundation for a Great Design Is a Good Contract by Jacqueline C. Pons-Bunney
(Builder Architect Magazine, Southern Nevada Edition, July/August 2007);

Drafting a Quality Control Manual: A Design Professional's Guide by Jacqueline C. Pons-Bunney and Peter L. Stacy
(a/e ProNet Web Site, November, 2008)